Le Hell

Welcome to Le Hell, war as I never witnessed in Lebanon or anywhere else before…elders used to tell us about old war stories, but it’s difficult to get the essence of it unless you live it…huh? Live it? No, I would prefer to kill it…

When I finally reached my “aha!” (in reference to someone finding himself and knowing what to do with it), I found myself taken into a hurricane of torments asking what I should do, now that my plans don’t stand on solid grounds anymore.

I had dreams…I still do.

They can take everything away except that one thing: Dreams.

The weather seems on hold, people are waiting for something to happen while others are taking action either by helping as much as they can, either by helping themselves on the expenses of their brothers.

Some say you know the truth about people only when they face Le Hell because that is when decisions need to be made…decisions to take Lebanon, out of hell and giving us the chance to see our dreams come true.

We can help this country with our dreams…because it’s hope…

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