When you know what happened, it’s painful. When you see the bloody pictures, it’s painful. When you hear the comments, the sound of the warcraft and rockets, it’s painful. When you see how some people deal with it, it’s painful. When you see the displaced living conditions, it’s painful…

But more painful is when innocents get killed, even when they got “clearance” to leave because they were asked to by force..

Roads, bridges, civilian’s cars..were destroyed. Civilians were told to leave. They did. But on the way to a “safer” place, they got killed by “mistake”…

Not just painful…disgusting!

3 thoughts on “Disgusting

  1. It’s the price we have to pay because there is no true loyaltiy to Lebanon, and because the misery of the innocents has no place in the schemes of the bigger players. I hope this will be the last time innocent blood will be spilt on our soil…

  2. I can try to imagine, what all this means to these people, i look at pictures, I try to feel, and I do feel bad an angry, but I know, I cannot imagine at all, what it feels like to be a person directly hidden by such fate

  3. Dear Iwi, thank you for making the effort but at least we know that it’s wrong. We don’t need to try drugs to realise that it’s lethal do we?

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