Monday, 28th of August 2006

It was a regular day. I was at the office. I had planned to go visit my grandparents in the evening…I received a call: Grandfather passed away…I broke down.

Grandpa! I was coming to pay you a visit but you didn’t wait for me! I didn’t find you! You were gone!

Even when things are expected to happen sooner or later, you don’t get the meaning of it until it strikes you right in the face.. but I hanged on hard..for my mother.

I will never forget the moments I had with you, when I used to study next to your feet and watch over you nor the moments when you laughed and told me old stories but most of all, I will never forget your face, your eyes and smile whenever you saw your little daughter come in with the foods you liked…

Grandpa, pray for the family and keep an eye on us…May you rest in peace next to God.

Grandpa..I love you!

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