Mourning Independence

There is nothing that can be said. It’s like walking on the knife-edge of insanity. At first, when you get hit, you scream and cry, then, the more you get hit, you feel nothing.

In a country where economy is defined by politics, absolutely anything can happen. If you are getting crazy thoughts, don’t worry, even those can happen…

I didn’t believe in this country when I first knew of its existence.
I think that it was build on weak, inconsistent bases in the first place. Yet, I can help myself…I love it and still hope… that is where all my sufferings come from.

Living in instability, fear, feeling insecure, having no faith in the future, having no purpose… Lots of people have already lost faith in this country and politicians a long time ago. Some did not.

You have your Lebanon, I have mine…

Pierre Gemayel, cabinet minister, was killed by cold-blooded murderers in broad daylight after he expressed his condolences to a family who lost a beloved one, ironically, the day before “Independence Day”.

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