Noticed / Unoticed

When I heard about Clowns walk for laughter coming close, I went out to take photos. There was this woman before them who was just passing by. I was quite away from the crowd and she saw me with big lens. She turned back to see what I was taking photos of and saw the crowd. She thought she was in the middle, so she stepped aside. A friend said: “They are still too far.” So she went back on the sidewalk and continued walking. I took a photo, she completely ignored me until she heard the shutter go off when I had the lens pointed at her… She almost stopped. I acted as if she was in the middle of my shot and pretended to shoot the crowd. I was a few feet away from her. This was shot at 64mm… and she walked away…

I know that would never have got such a close candid look from a random woman on the street otherwise. This time, I didn’t have to make excuses as my reason was obvious: the crowd behind. Close candid Street Photography is not for the fainthearted!

Passing by

This reminds of a another shot I took a while back. The man thought I was taking photos of the person right in front of me and was just looking at what I was doing. It’s all about attitude, isn’t it?

Man and pipe

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