A fairy tale that goes by the name of Mariam Kobras

I met Mariam Kobras on Twitter a while ago. Something about her tweets just made me have to follow her. I remember that Mariam got excited when I told her I was from Lebanon as there was something Lebanese in her book. 🙂

I read every post on her blog and enjoyed chatting with her on Twitter and Facebook. (She also has a Page)

Her life is an inspiring fairy tale: Mariam was born in Frankfurt, Germany; a city she talks about here to a German mother and a Saudi-Arabian father. She lived in Saudi Arabia and Brazil before the family came back to settle in Germany. Today, she lives in Hamburg, with her husband who bought her a laptop to encourage her to write and two sons.

The bio on her website, she says that “After studying American Literature and Archeology at Giessen University she spent several months in Toronto, Canada. Mariam has worked as an English tutor, served as a lay Judge in Juvenile Court, and managed the rookie Hamburg Blue Devils American football team. Most recently she founded the Theater Project at a local Hamburg High School where she wrote and staged plays. The huge success of this venture gave her the courage to try her hand at a novel. ” That’s when she started to blog and tweet.

She posted a page of her novel on Sunday, December 6, 2009 and publishers started responding. One of them, Buddhapuss Ink, met her on Twitter, asked her for a manuscript and that was it. She was ON!

Writing in English seemed to the logical decision to take in her very particular case in addiction to the fact that her mother did not speak Arabic and her father did not speak German…

The day she had to submit her work to the publisher was a very stressful one; totally understandable for an aspiring author as a YES or NO would make it or break it for her. [More about how this day went here]

Everything went well; the deal was sealed, and like any author, she had planned the launch with her publisher… but Amazon made her book available two weeks earlier and it went sold out immediately… This surprised both the Mariam and her publisher but they made the best out of it.

I  must say that I loved how Mariam came across the photo for her book cover. and after reading the sample, I think we have a big screen material that’s waiting to come out!

“The Distant Shore”, book 1 of the Stone Trilogy, is the story of Jon Stone, famous rock star and composer of great songs, and his love for Naomi. He met her when they were quite young and she sent him some lyrics she wanted him to use in his songs, and they lived together for a while, but then his Hollywood life drives her away. Many years later he receives a letter from a teenage son, and he travels to Norway where Naomi lives now, to find her and, well, win her back. Everything is just fine for a while, they fall in love all over again, even get married, she agrees to return to LA with him, they work together again… but a disaster is waiting to strike.

I want to thank @razerdude, my Twitter friend, for spontaneously ordering the book for me! (Thank you! Thank you!)

“The Distant Shore” can be ordered from Amazon and a sample of it can be read here.

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Mariam Kobras is all over the internet. (Google her name and you will see what I mean.) You can:

2 thoughts on “A fairy tale that goes by the name of Mariam Kobras

  1. I am very honored. Thank you, Rita!
    Here’s the Lebanese connection: My heroine, Naomi, wears a wonderful cream silk dress to the Oscars, that is made for her by a Lebanese designer. Sadly, it is ruined. But I won’t tell you why or how, that would spoil the book for you. 😉

  2. Definitely have to get a copy of Distant Shore. I also met Mariam on Twitter, During NaNo ’11 I think, and She’s just a delightful person, as well as a great writer.

    Love the cover art as well as all of his paintings

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