My first scuba diving experience

Water is a precious element that we use for different purposes; one of them is swimming. Both relaxing and fun, swimming has always played a vital role in the activities of the family.

But swimming is mostly done at the surface of the water and I never really gave  scuba diving much thought. Like most, I used to hear about accidents that happen underwater and watch those horror movies where scuba divers get caught in life-threatening situations… they did not leave me exactly indifferent. Instead, they unconsciously cultivated a certain fear and apprehension.

(This is where is a “but” coming)

But things started changing recently with lose friends’ stories exposing a different perspective of this activity. I saw their pictures on Facebook and they used to tell me about the underwater wildlife… and underwater photography! That’s where I got hooked!

Mr. Bassam Oud from the Calypso Diving Center offered me a trial at scuba diving and see if I like it. I thought about it for a couple of months (Yeah, I took my time) and finally set a date and time for the first dive.

I really liked the place. It’s well maintained and people are very helpful. Bassam took me in charge. He gave me a tour-des-lieux and introduced me to the team.

My first dive was to be in the swimming pool in order to get to know the equipment. Bassam took the time to explain how everything works and took me to the pool. I did not expect the equipment to be THAT heavy 🙂 but thanks to Archimedes, this stopped being something to worry about as soon as I got in the water.

It took me a while to get used to the breathing. I wasn’t very easy but Bassam outsmarted my problem and gave me a camera to “play” with. A minute later, I was underwater, making photos of Bassam and I completely forgot about myself! Smart! I had so much fun, I did not want to get out of the water! I learned a lot about myself and about how things work in a completely different environment I was only familiar with a the surface.

If you want to have a go at scuba diving, I would definitely recommend Bassam. He has an exhaustive experience and he is a people’s person who still, after all those years of experience :), understands what happens in the mind of a first timer which I think is crucial to make one want to pursue this activity.

I would like to thank Bassam for everything including the pictures… he was amazing!

Now I can’t wait for my first dive in the sea!

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