No Spinneys… No!

I can’t believe this is Spinneys’ advertisement for Valentine. My eyes hurt! I don’t know about you, but at first glance you might think it’s a Nescafé ad (due to their signature red mug) until you see the logo.

For people who can’t read Arabic, this says: “You move my feelings” addressed to a female.

The following are way much better:

9 thoughts on “No Spinneys… No!

  1. It’s called humor, which you obviously have no sense of whatsoever. And please in 2013, trying to make it about sex equality is utterly pathetic. You may be entitled to your opinion, but at least broadcast one that makes sense, with a hint of a point.

    • Thank you for your feedback – much appreciated. Take off the logo and you think it’s an ad for Nescafé. I did not make it about anything that has to do with gender equality… you did on your own 🙂

      • Well the gender issue is only implied strongly, your review lacks.. well a review. it’s easy to tear something apart, it’s hard to justify it.
        Nescafe? replace almost any nike logo on an ad with adidas and you’ll get the same results. At the end of the day taste is subjective, and should this ad be bad, it’s not as bad as your review 🙂

        • 🙂 Who is talking about a review? When I review something I write at least a paragraph and I’m clear about the fact it’s a review. In fact, this post was not categorized under anything related to “review” nor did I write “review” in the tags.That’s just observation and readers can make up their own mind. I think that the creatives behind Spinneys ads could have done something way better than this.

  2. I personally think its funny , I mean its a seasonal ad that’s going to last for one week/”valentine” week and that’s it! given the red cup it does look like a Nescafe ad , but worth mentioning that Spinneys is in the maturity stage. No need to emphasis what they do exactly… Its more of a reminder that we are here and we do remember to celebrate Valentine with our customers!

    • I agree with you but it’s nice to recognize ads as well. For example, Exotica’s ads are recognizable no matter what as they have a clear identity. I don’t feel it’s the case with Spinneys.

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