Could Hind Hobeika’s Instabeat, a Lebanese invention, revolutionize the world of swimming?

When I first came across the Instabeat, the first thing I did was to ask my sister who swims competitively if something like this would help her during training: “OF COURSE!!”, she said. According to her, this would help any swimmer with their training when a coach is not around to help out. “Definitely as must try”.

So I gave it a deeper look; and guess what: The invention is Lebanese! Hind Hobeika explains her motives here:

I see that the design completely changed and became more like this:

A new waterproof USB design that will allow the device to upload stored data, and the team has optimized the device’s ability to read a swimmer’s pulse from the temporal artery, using a light sensor. “Between individuals, the artery’s location varies by less than 5mm, which is covered by the light sensor’s 30 degree angle of detection,” explains Hobeika, who holds a degree in mechanical engineering from the American University in Beirut. (Source: Wamda)

Over the past year and half, we have developed 7 different versions of the prototype, and after extensive testing, we are finally happy with the current design and have a prototype that is ready to be manufactured.  (Source: Indiegogo)

As to why she took on the crowdfunding route is explained in this article by Entrepreneur Levant. The same magazine interviewed her last year as well. Check the article here.

  This project needs full support!

For more information about Instabeat, you can:
– Visit their Website
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– Check their Facebook Page

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