A day at La Maison de la Forêt – Bkassine, Lebanon

Today, I got the chance to spend a day at La Maison de la Forêt in Bkassine.

In a few introductory words: La Maison de La Fôret is an ecotourism and hospitality venue that reopened reopened to public in July 2014 under the management of Knee Roots to attract both Lebanese and tourists looking for the perfect mountain hideaway where comfort, fun and relaxation are secured.

The place offers a rustic hostel venue with bungalows and tents; a new “Tawlet” F&B concept branded “Tawlet Bkassine”, created and operated by the famous “Tawlet Souk el Tayeb”.

There is also a variety of high-intensity sporting activities such as wall-climbing, accro-branche, trail-biking by Bike Generation, canoeing, and low-intensity activities like hiking, riding and local tours in the area.

The aim is to highlight on the economic importance of the project which main purpose is to develop and operate eco-friendly tourism facilities that could create work and economic opportunities for the local population, while preserving the natural beauty of the forest.

This was a perfect opportunity to take my rescue dog on a road trip where she would enjoy herself. The trip was pleasant, it’s always nice to change the scenery from busy Beirut to the beautiful sea and mountain views of the south.

Upon arrival, I had breakfast, which included amazing manakish made with brown wheat.

Breakfast by Tawlet Bkassine

Soon after that we had a tour of the place and lunch.

The view from the restaurant

One of the tents

Inside one of the tents

One of the bungalows

Inside one of the bungalows

Bungalow bedroom

Bungalow bathroom

Bungalow kitchenette

Bungalow balcony

Smaller bungalow area

There is also areas for different activities; some are done inside La Maison de la Forêt area, while others are done outside.

For food, there are two options: the bakery/mini-market and the restaurant.

The food was really good. I loved the specialty of the area: Kebbeh Jezzeniyeh, Kebbeh Hileh, Batata Jezzeniyeh and Tabbouleh Kezzebeh. Ever tried them? Oh, and by the way, forget ordering soft drinks, there aren’t any; there are different charabs instead.

The products are all local and the team made of young people living in the area.

This, as whereas my rescue dog was playing hostess and entertaining the guests.

Such a relaxing day!

All in all the experience was positive, thanks for all the staff who took care of us! The place feels like home away from home.

On a side note, keep in mind that you may not bring your own tent nor make your own fire but you can bring your own food and join the one big campfire.

For more information, you can:
– Check the Website (Include a price list)
– Check the Facebook Page

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