“My Street” Photography Contest

It’s to walk around the neighborhood with a camera and a fresh eye. Show us what it looks like! In celebration of BSP’s one year anniversary, we’re organizing our first Continue Reading →

Street photo of the week #22

“Street photo of the week #22” is a post that appeared on Beirut Street Photographers. Better late than never they say.. and that was especially true when it came to Continue Reading →

Documenting life on the streets as it is

Here is an article about the workshop that took place in AltCity on 27th of July, 2011 as a part of the AlMedia Experience week. I would like to point Continue Reading →

Beirut Street Photographers goes live on VDL 93.3 FM

Dear friends, Beirut Street Photographers will be interviewed live on Voix Du Liban (VDL) 93.3 FM today from 3:00 to 4:15 PM on “برلمان الشباب”. You will also have the Continue Reading →

Taanayel & Zahle

This month’s trip with Beirut Street Photographers was to Taanayel & Zahle. Although the weather was a bit cold, we spent a fantastic day! Zahle’s people are so nice! Check Continue Reading →