Sin El Fil municipality pressures to ...

Sin El Fil municipality pressures to shut down the Sunday flee market
This afternoon, quite some action took place in Sin El Fil. The municipality made clear that it wants to shut down the Sunday flee market which happen to be located on the way to Beirut. The municipality described the Sunday flee market as a “joke” and a “shame”. How will the municipality of Beirut respond? Apparently, [...]

10 reasons why the recruiter disregar...

10 reasons why the recruiter disregarded your CV
There are many reasons why a recruiter may end up disregarding your CV. Here are the most common 10 reasons: The photo on your CV is a selfie with a duckface in a car or a nightclub: Yeah, very professional of you. You are lying: Professional recruiters are trained to find those inconsistencies; good luck with that. You applied to 5 totally [...]

A day at La Maison de la Forêt –...

A day at La Maison de la Forêt – Bkassine, Lebanon
Today, I got the chance to spend a day at La Maison de la Forêt in Bkassine. In a few introductory words: La Maison de La Fôret is an ecotourism and hospitality venue that reopened reopened to public in July 2014 under the management of Knee Roots to attract both Lebanese and tourists looking for the perfect mountain hideaway where comfort, [...]

Monte Cassino: A hidden gem in Tabarj...

Monte Cassino: A hidden gem in Tabarja, Lebanon
I was invited with fellow bloggers on Friday, 27th of June to check a new Boutique Hotel located in Tabarja: Monte Cassino. This gem looks like it come out from the Renaissance era. Extremely beautiful and appealing to the eye. Yet it has an extremely modern interior! …and a lot is inspired from different parts of the world. Some parts [...]

René Mouawad Sanayeh Garden finally r...

SG Invitation
This is great news: The René Mouawad Sanayeh Garden is finally reopening its gates this weekend! The Public Opening is on 1st of June from 10 am till 7 pm. Following the opening, the René Mouawad Sanayeh Garden will be accessible daily from 7 am till 7 pm.

Because you don’t walk your dog...

Because you don’t walk your dog yourself in Lebanon
Because it’s the domestic worker who walks your dog… Beit El Chaar Municipality, Lebanon

Sued for a blog post

Sued for a blog post
If I ever said anything wrong, please correct me. One can post an opinion in line with this blog’s subjects of interest regardless of my own position; my disclaimer regarding this matter is clear. The aim was always to show both sides of the coin whenever possible, to push for constructive criticism and critical thinking. I have always [...]

A different perspective of Beirut: Sa...

Here is a different perspective of Beirut as seen by Gabriel Ferneiné. Footage was made from the city’s rooftops that have a view on the port and the music is by Trash Inc. “Sometimes I forget that Beirut is a Port And it kills me to keep forgetting”, he says. Check it out, it’s really nice. SAFINEH from Gab Ferneiné [...]

Customers vs Companies: The Gandour &...

Here we go again, customers purchase products from companies; something goes wrong. No one claims responsibility neither for the incident, neither for their products. Customers are unhappy and BOOM: Clashes. It goes on TV or on social media causing turmoil. This happens ALL the time; worst companies even file lawsuits against customers. Let [...]

Brick’s launches its new menu

Brick’s launches its new menu
Brick’s, a pub restaurant in Hamra, launched its menu a couple of days ago and I got to taste some of the drinks and dishes with some friends. Cosmopolitan Manhattan Fruity Frozen Margarita Mango Madness Kiwi Wawa Quesadillas Spicy Jumbo Shrimp Blackened Tuna Pepper Steak We enjoyed the place, good music (We were sit-dancing and singi [...]


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