Will you…if you please?

Grounded in Beirut International airport parking

What could this be about? Any idea?

Boxed in Gemmayzeh, Lebanon

Some problems linger for years: I wrote about Gemmayzeh: One street with  a lot of problems in 2010. But then again, this year, the happiness of finding a parking spot Continue Reading →

Beirut Traffic Control Center

I already have trouble to choose what to wear before I got to any ATM or to any place where there is a security camera. It’s important to look good. Continue Reading →

Burning car in Circo Massimo, Rome, Italy.

When I was visiting the area on 23 February, 2011, I came across a mini local event on my way to the metro station. What could the story be?

Eyewitness – No way out

Date: 14 February, 2010 Time: 02:00 pm Place: Dik El Mehdi Situation: Eye-witnessed roadworks that closed the road without notice. What a surprise! Action: Got out of the car, angry, looking around if there Continue Reading →

Eyewitness – Double parked!

Eyewitness has a new story for you today! Sent by: @monajem Website: www.smex.org Date: 10 February, 2010 Time: 10:45 am Place: Badaro 43, next to the NSSF Center Situation: While I was working, Continue Reading →

Eyewitness – She thought she’d run away with it!

Enough is enough! Enough with silence! It’s not the first time that someone does something wrong and thinks he/she’d get away with it. Worse, is that sometimes we eyewitness them Continue Reading →