Photo inspiration

For some photo inspiration check these guys out! (From Canada, USA, New Mexico, Australia, The Netherlands.) Nancy Abens Kathy Carbonetti Tom Chambers Steve Dembo Peter Eastway Dale Johnson Sophia Koopman Continue Reading →

LAU & AUB Job Fairs 2010

Yeah, I’m late…I know. I’m sorry. But better late than never 🙂 I got to participate in the job fairs on 12 (LAU) & 13, 14 (AUB) of May 2010. Continue Reading →

About the NSSF in Lebanon

My dear friends, Here is most of what you need to know about the الصندوق الوطني للضمان الاجتماعي in Arabic (National Social Security Fund  or Caisse Nationale de Sécurité Sociale) Continue Reading →

Social Security links from around the world

Social security agencies around the world are publicizing their programs on the net. If you are looking for a job, for your info or your research, click Social Security Links Continue Reading →

Useful Links for Job seekers

Here is a list of links that can back up job seekers: Almehan Bayt Business Lobby Career Box Career Design Careers Middle East E-Waseet Gulf Talent Hire Lebanese Hunting Lebanese Continue Reading →