5 questions to Jade Saab, the director and co-founder of Achieve

Achieve is a new online job platform aimed at providing a simple and intuitive approach for job seekers to accurately find jobs, acquire information on the job market, and find guidance Continue Reading →

LAU & AUB Job Fairs 2010

Yeah, I’m late…I know. I’m sorry. But better late than never 🙂 I got to participate in the job fairs on 12 (LAU) & 13, 14 (AUB) of May 2010. Continue Reading →

Useful Links for Job seekers

Here is a list of links that can back up job seekers: Almehan Bayt Business Lobby Career Box Career Design Careers Middle East E-Waseet Gulf Talent Hire Lebanese Hunting Lebanese Continue Reading →

CV Formats, something to think about

What does an excellent CV look like ??? Simply copying someone else’s format or example and filling in the blanks DOES NOT WORK unless you understand some fundamental differences between Continue Reading →


Interviews Interviews are far from being the perfect method of assessing a person’s ability to perform in a particular role. Some large companies improve on the basic interview by running Continue Reading →

The Curriculum Vitae

The Curriculum Vitae or Résumé (in Latin meaning “course of life”) is an advertisement for the individual, whose objective is to show what you have to offer in a compact and Continue Reading →

The Covering Letter

A covering letter is your opportunity to highlight the most important or relevant aspects of your CV, convey your enthusiasm for the job and persuade the reader to examine your Continue Reading →