Enough of politics for a while…Let’s talk about something else. How about that everyday we hear that someone is leaving the country for good? How about the fact that people say that there is an employment crisis, and that companies say that there are lots of job opportunities available but no qualified candidates?

No, no, wait…How about that Valentine’s day approaching and there is no one to spend that day with?

Not that there is no one in the literal meaning of the sentence but that you couldn’t find that person who’d be your match.

Maybe your the type of people who’d think with “too”s:
“too short”, “too young”, “too old”, “too immature”, “too blond”, “too fat”, “too skinny” etc..
Years pass by and one day you realize that you were maybe “too demanding”and that one of the people who didn’t meet your specs could have offered you a nice adventure.

My point is that sometimes we should review our specs. Perfect people do not exist. In my opinion try to find that person who is true. True to own self and true to you, then see if you can put up with the bad side. If you can..Congrats! If not…dust yourself off with no regret and try again with someone else!

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