CV Formats, something to think about

What does an excellent CV look like ???

Simply copying someone else’s format or example and filling in the blanks DOES NOT WORK unless you understand some fundamental differences between a good CV and a bad one.

What sort of CV do you have at the moment? If it isn’t getting the results you want, it may be one of the following ‘excuses for a CV’.

1. The Traditional CV
Outdated and no doubt out of luck!
Rambling and irrelevant old fashioned CV with poor formatting will tell a recruiter that you are dull, inflexible, of low ability and have a frozen mind set. Why sell yourself short?

2. The Table Template CV

Making you look like a lazy robot!
Recruiters see thousands of almost identical template CVs with headings that make you squirm and the text shoe-horned into a tight space, totally failing to capture the candidate’s individuality.
This type of CV tells people that you are lazy and that you think appearance is more important than substance. It is also trouble for recruiters to edit and manipulate for sending to employers.

3. The Aggressive Modernisation CV
Alienating the reader with mindless bullet points.
Readers simply cannot relate to unsubstantiated claims, so telling them how great you are without justifying all your skills, results, and achievements is, quite simply, counterproductive. Yes, every CV needs some kind of functional introduction of your headline professional assets, but trying to do that in crass lists of one line bullet points, all starting with ugly action words, simply alienates the reader.

4. The Functional Overkill CV
Seemingly professional but actually humdrum…
This more talkative CV style is a shallow illusion of communication that fools no one. It invariably contains horrific headings like PROFILE and OBJECTIVE, ACHIEVEMENTS and KEY SKILLS, naïve attempts to say something that end up looking childish.

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