Salwa’s Famous Cheesecake

Salwa’s Famous Cheesecake never leaves one indifferent. All the people who ate it, call me back to ask about the secret recipe. The frequency of this reaction is just amazing!

I decided to write down mom’s recipe for you!
This is how Salwa does her Famous Cheesecake:

She starts with the buiscuit base by emptying a big box of ORIGINAL DIGESTIVE biscuits and adding 25g of butter (equals to a full big spoon) in a mixer. When the mix looks like flour, she puts it in the cheesecake mold. Then she puts the mold in the freezer. (Just the time to finish preparing the cream that comes next.)

Here comes the little tricky part that makes all the difference: she mixes one big pack (1L) of cold ELLE & VIRE whip cream for desserts, with one pack of PHILADELPHIA cheese cream, a quarter of a small spoon of vanilla (or 4 drops of vanilla sirup) and 3 big spoons of powdered sugar.

When the mixture looks thick enough, she puts it over the biscuit base and adds berries (Any type you love will do) on the top.

Finally, she puts it in the fridge… and few moments later, Salwa’s Famous Cheesecake is ready to serve!

-Cheesecake mold looks like that:

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