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On my way to work, I came across this ad. From a marketing point of view, it looks different from what we are used to and it is sending a direct message to BlackBerry (Couldn’t they just have sent an e-mail to BlackBerry instead of a mass billboard ad with all the people in the country in CC?) but from an ethical perspective, I am not sure how naming your competition makes you better than them or more desired/wanted or even if it is legal… (Many countries do not allow companies to name other companies in their ads.) Now, I know that Nokia trying everything to level Blackberry…It’s written on the billboards! So what is it going to be? Nokia or BlackBerry? 

David Trott’s opinion on the subject on BrandRepublic : Whatever you do, don’t mention the name  

3 thoughts on “Talk about good news

  1. Rita u r right, in some countries they do not allow you to use the competitor’s name through your ads and it is the case of Lebanon. No comparative ad is allowed in the Lebanese Law. so i am not sure on which basis this ad was published!

    We will wait and see if Blackberry will issue this Ad as illegal step, therefore it might constitute a big problem for Nokia!!! days will show us !

    • Should it be decided that the ad be taken off, Nokia already did what it intended to do: make people talk about it & they did..whether legally or illegally…

  2. yes normally it should be decided that way but smile ur in Lebanon 😛 however, nokia might have also studied it very well in a way that even if they had to pay the price if it, but it wouldnt b that costy relativelty to what the impact was… therefor Job is done perfectly! whether legally or not!

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