Beirut Water Taxi

Explaining the idea, they are saying:

“Because the traffic congestion at the Lebanese Coastal highways has reached unacceptable chaos causing a waste of time of Human Resources in terms of all those wishing to come to work in the capital Beirut, in addition to a waste of car fuel and causing tension to all Lebanese commuters alike be it coming into Beirut from the north cities such as Jounieh and from the south such as the city of Sidon and there is no solution in sight which would involve land transport, thus the idea of using the sea bed as a readymade highway for the Beirut Water Taxi vessels makes perfect sense. Thus our Mission and Vision is to resolve the traffic congestion in the coastal highways of Lebanon and make entry and departure into Beirut as easy and fast as possible.

Lebanon Water Transportation Alternatives, sal – LWTA – a Lebanese entity conceptualized to galvanize the Lebanese Way of Life by delivering a sustainable solution for Traffic Demand Management across the Lebanese Coast.

The concept is developed by Lebanese for Lebanese crossing political and demographic boundaries.
Such a concept to be translated into a nation-wide beneficial project requires the support and involvement of all the local communities serviced.
The main support and involvement of the Lebanese communities across the coast are best represented by the venerated state-actors of the Lebanese Government.”

But I wonder…Is that a viable solution? What about rethinking the entire bus transportation system for instance and put Charles Helou station at use, turning the very congested historical areas into pedestrian only with a shuttle system to get in and out?

Could we survive without our daily dose of traffic and valet parking service?

4 thoughts on “Beirut Water Taxi

  1. ha ! would be neat to see that implemented.

    Going to work would be more like a kazdoura, When the water taxi stops to fill ppl, we can take a dive , go for a small swim and refresh

    but i guess the nawar would start throwing stuff into the water and causing pollution : pepsi, clinex, nilon bags, cigarettes….

    • Yeah, kind of agree:) I’m also thinking about the number of people who get seasick and who are afraid of the water. I guess seasick medication will skyrocket!
      I wish they used a local pic alright!

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