Lebanese Labor Law

My dear friends,

I know how hard it is to find a suitable job nowadays.
Here is a soft copy of the Lebanese Labor Law قوانين العمل (means Labor Law in Arabic).
If you are a Lebanese person working in Lebanon, these are your rights; know them and do not settle for less!

Some companies play around with them and are not aligned. Whenever you have doubts, always ask. No one will care for your rights more than you do. I hope that this will help you.

Best regards!

Update 1: 31 Jan 2011

Following the many requests and e-mails I received, you can find below some links I found online that could be useful:

Below are some links about employment in general:

Update 2: Feb 2011

I heard on TV that there was a new project law under preparation. Should it be adopted,  the Lebanese Labor Law will change drastically.

45 thoughts on “Lebanese Labor Law

  1. Thx rita for the info.. i tried to google a soft copy from the labor law but with no luck what so ever. could you please tell me if this is the latest version and if any updates are made since please ? also can you recommend any helpful related sites pls ? Thx again !!

  2. hello 🙂 can anybody advise on the below? :
    i submitted my resignation and i have a 2 months notice period:
    1- if i have 15 days of annual leave can i shorten my notice period?
    2- can i work less hours per day?
    thank you very much

    and can you please send me your reply on azar_roland@hotmail.com

    • Hello Roland, if you have 15 annual days of leave you can shorten your notice period. If not, you should get 15 days paid added to the last salary. Concerning the working hours, you have the right to leave one hour before the official schedule as per the Lebanese Labor Law

      • dear rita, thank you for the previous tip, but if i have been working in the company for 5 years, i should leave just 1 hour earlier or am i entitled to more?

  3. Hey,

    I wanted to know if it’s mandatory that the company covers transportation costs?
    Does it depend on whether or not I receive NSSF benefits?


  4. Hi Rita,
    Thanks for the great initiative!
    I would like to know what the legal provisions are for days off for marriage leave. How many days does the Lebanese Labor Law provide? And are these additional days off that do not get deducted from regular annual leave days?

    • Thanks! 5 consecutive days for marriage but this is an internal rule that many companies apply (not all) They have nothing to do with the annual leaves. For more info please ask a lawyer. Hope that helps!

  5. Sir I am working in labnon can explain me about annual leave . suppose I can’t take annual leave the company give leave salary or not.please explain me

  6. Hi there
    Can someone explain article 50 of the labor law?

    Does it warrant a 1 month notice (for less than 3 years of employment ) AND on top of which 2 months severance pay ?
    The GM said its two months only whereas my lawyer stated the above .

    What if there are accrued vacation days , what happens in this case ?

    Thank you

    • Hello, for anything related to the labor law it is better to revert back to the lawyer. You can also call the Ministry of Labor for guidance. Some employers tend to not really pay all their dues; so beware. Regards

  7. Dear Rita,

    I have finalized my fifth year within a company and gave my notice of two months. I still have 8 days vacation left for 2016. My last working day is 01/01/2017, so what about the vacation days I earned during 2016.
    The company said I do not have the right to earn them.
    Isnt one working month equivalent to 1.25 vacation days starting to get earned effective the first working month BUT to be taken after one full year ?

  8. Hello,
    My name is Aline, and i was in maternity leave till 28/2/2017. On the 1st of March 2017 i came back to work normally and was surprised to know that the management wants me to submit my resignation.
    I wanna ask if they have the right to do so or they should pay indemnity for me.

    Thank you for your help

    • Thank you for reaching out. I’m sorry to hear about this. My advice would be to check what they will be offering as indemnity before signing and negotiate it. Check the concerned part in the Labor Law or ask a lawyer for more insight regarding the notice period. I hope this helps.

  9. Hi Rita, you’ve mentioned that you get 5 consecutive days off after you get married however I couldn’t find it in the attached labour laws. Would it be possible to point it to me in the labour law as I need to show the proof to my boss:) Thanks!

  10. Hi, I highly appreciate if you could inform me if there are any laws or rules regarding syrian and egyptian employees. For instance, how many sick leave can be given if they are allowed to.
    Is there anything related to this matter mentioned in lebanese labour law?
    Thank you

  11. Hello, I am an American citizen residing in Beirut Lebanon. It will be 1 year in July that I have been employed. I resign from my job in October. My expected due date is the first week of November. Would I still be entitled to receive any maternity leave benefits even if I’m resigning? Please advice.

    Thank You!

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