Eyewitness – She thought she’d run away with it!

Enough is enough! Enough with silence!

It’s not the first time that someone does something wrong and thinks he/she’d get away with it. Worse, is that sometimes we eyewitness them in action and don’t act! I don’t mean to hurt anyone but some sense of responsibility wouldn’t hurt either…because this might happen to you too!

Date: 8 February, 2010
Time: 10:00 pm
Place: ABC Parking Level B1 – Ashrafieh
Situation: Eye-witnessed a blue Porsche Cayenne coming out of parking and hitting the Mercedes behind it. Not once! But twice! Woman of certain age gets out to check HER car leaving the Mercedes’ front bumper damaged. She saw us looking shocked and ignored us. Couple comes in 1 minute later to get in their car.
Action: Went towards the couple, told them what happened & gave them license plate number.
Conclusion: I would have really respected this woman if she had taken 10 seconds to leave a note with her contact to the owner of the Mercedes to make up for the accident.
I’m left thinking of all the people whose cars get damaged this way felt feeling helpless, the people who get away with it because of the eyewitnesses who went silent.

If you ever eyewitness something that bothers you, feel free to share it!

Thank you.

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