Eyewitness – Double parked!

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Sent by: @monajem
Website: www.smex.org
Date: 10 February, 2010
Time: 10:45 am
Place: Badaro 43, next to the NSSF Center
Situation: While I was working, I heard a lot of honking from a six wheels truck. The sound was horrible, a non-stop honk for 15 minutes. The truck was trying to get to the construction site nearby but there was a police car double parked obstructing the way. This created a huge traffic.
Action: I took few pictures of the vehicle and went downstairs to double-check the plate number. Then dialed 1744 (specialized in police complaints) and told them the situation. They took my name. Called me back after 15 minutes saying that they sent somebody over but the guy apparently had already left. They were very nice to me, and respectful. In the end, I told them that they had the car plate number with the time and some pictures. They promised that he will be punished.
Conclusion: Make sure to contact the person who will fix the situation. You will find in our public services departments people who want the major problems such as corruption, disrespect to the law we are facing everyday fixed…and they need us as citizens to help them and push in the right direction.

Thank you @monajem for your contribution!

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