Welcomeness vs politeness

14 March was my brother’s birthday. With no idea of what to get him, I went out on a hunt with my boyfriend from mall to mall looking for what could make him happy.

While checking out from the supermarket at Citymall, a bottle of water in my hand and confused in my head, I noticed a client, an American guy, who was in front of me. He said “Thank you young man” out loud to the cashier and took his grocery bags. The cashier smiled back at him.

I looked at my boyfriend with a smile. He said: “Europeans and Americans may not be extremely welcoming, but they are polite. In our area it’s a bit the opposite; we tend to be more welcoming than polite. Already obvious in the way we drive on the roads.”

I don’t know why, but I started to think whether I said “Thank you” enough during the day.

In the evening, empty handed, I went to my brother, gave him a hug and said: “Thank you!”

10 thoughts on “Welcomeness vs politeness

  1. Somehow, I think thank-you’s, good morning wishes, etc is overrated; I’d rather someone helping me when I need a help, rather than being polite all the time and ignoring my request for help when I need one. I’m kinda like that, I help a lot of people in what ever I can, but never liked the concept of social-politeness, it’s not like I go around insulting people, I just don’t see the point. You can call it practicality if you want!

    • There is a difference between excess and balance.

      Did you ever say “Thank you” to the men who empty garbage every day, for example? You might say, it’s their job and that they are paid for it. But what about appreciating that job and acknowledging its importance and effect on our lives?

      I think a lot small things happen all the time to help you lead a “normal” life without you asking for it, but we tend to take them for granted..

      Anyhow, not saying “Thank you” to the one who helps you when you ask for help would be rude. Wouldn’t it?

      What do you think?

      • Well. As I said, I’m practical kind of guy. So if someone asked for help and I helped him, a little thank you would be good. But if someone doing his job (that includes me doing my job), then I don’t like to use it. I’d rather give him money or help him when he needs my help, that worth (in my humble opinion) a thousand words.

        Give you a little example from Twitter, since we are Twitter buddies :), I often try to help people in things that I think could be helpful, like blood donations, tech questions, looking for a job, etc. But those people don’t help or RT when I needed it the most. They rather RT for people who they chat with or think they are “polite” to them. We’re is the fairness in that. I think people need more practicality first, and polite is just a bonus.

        But that’s just me..

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