A bold move

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Tomorrow I am going to share a strong, unique and first time ever emotional experience with my friend Rita Kamel:

I will go with Rita to her hairdresser. Going to hairdressers for me is a nerve challenging task but this is not what the story is about, the whole story is that she is going to shave her head, shave as in “3al zero” .

Rita is a 26 years old lady and totally healthy. We all know that a lady shaving her head is quite a taboo in our society, here is why my friend is bravely doing so (It is not just a darb habal ):

1 – Breaking the chemotherapy taboo : Each one of us had a relative, a friend or an acquaintance undergo chemotherapy and we all know about how painful and agonizing that process is : imagine not knowing if you will make it alive at the end of the day and thinking that those few painful yet precious moments could be your last among your family, friends and relatives… yet despite all this, our society inflicts another moral stupid unjustified stress on chemotherapy female patients, I am talking about “Oh my god, she is loosing all her hair ! ”
From a whole body crumbling under pain, all they worry and talk about is “loosing the freaking hair”, ano what the hell, hair grows back painlessly and what difference does it make? What pisses me off also, is that people console the girl about the hair after she recovers instead of congratulating her and wishing her health for example !

2 – Breaking the conventional beauty standards : Remember that shamBoo ad where the lady flicks her hair and the guy falls in love with her? Well Rita is making quite a loud and courage feminist statement : Beauty does not lie in ur hair ladies, but more with what resides under it ! That would be what is inside your skull ! Known as brain as well . It is not a statement, it is more like a soul freeing act .
What I know is that I will be looking forward for hanging out with Rita more than I usually do and I am sure Salim – the boyfriend- will enjoy taking out his equally head-shaved lady…this couple will only look damn hotter together.

3 – Raise awareness and funds for cancer : Being in Lebanon and having your head shaved will raise lots of questions, Rita will have the task of answering those “are you sick” questions and explaining her point of view about the 2 points mentioned above and trust me, that task is harder than skinning your head and banging it against concrete walls . We will also hold a Fun(d) Raising event, where we donate different accessories (earrings, bandannas, wigs…) for girls who are sadly suffering from cancer and have to undergo chemotherapy (we will make a full post about that on fund raising soon).

I am buzzing with thoughts and feelings: Will Rita chicken out and back away? Will she regret it? What feedback would she get? If she wants to back off, should I encourage her or just keep aside? Will I have the nerves to take pics and document the event? Would another girl step up and do it ? Would it make a change/difference ?

Well only tomorrow will tell, what I am sure of is that I am damn proud of you Rita and a tiny bit jealous !

For those of you who don’t know Rita , @ritakml is her twitter name […]

15 thoughts on “A bold move

  1. Bon courage… What a super idea and initiative. Hope to pitch in when I finally get to Beirut. Will be thinking of you tomorrow xxx :-))

  2. Truly inspiring and brave act 🙂

    Weve lost so many loved ones to this monster of a disease and we need to focus on finding a cure, not losing hair, as you said.

    Best always…

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