I got my head shaved!

I got my head shaved on April 10, 2010. The date has no particular meaning for me. I got my head shaved for several reasons. The most noble ones are those listed my Mireille in the post “A bold move“.

This how I got it done and how it went:

  1. Preparing the people I care for the most:
    • This includes my parents, my brother & sister and my very close friends. My boyfriend never had an issue with whatever action I do as long as I was convinced and happy about it. (Salim, I love you!)
    • How I did it? By simply talking about it, discussing it and exposing the reasons behind it. It was important for me to understand that having my head shaved was viewed as extreme and aggressive. So I totally acknowledged all point of views with patience and built upon them. I also involved them in the process. I was frequently taking my mother with me to all the places she thought could be an alternative for shaving. I can tell you that everybody (but my boyfriend) was hoping that I would change my mind.
  2. Preparing the workplace:
    • Saying “Tomorrow, I am going to shave” proved to be quite a shocker and thus, I had to comfort my colleagues that I wasn’t there to compromise the corporate image of the company (Oh, I am an employee too!
      icon biggrin I got my head shaved!
      ) by wearing a decent wig.
  3. Choosing my new hair:
    • I went to Eve by Karkafi where I met really supportive staff. Although I was familiar with hair extensions, I had no idea about how to deal with a full wig made of natural hair. David, an employee there was patient enough to listen to my story. I explained why, told him I need a short good & natural looking wig that I would wear for work and ended bombarding him with 1000 questions. David listened till the end, explained how he viewed the situation from a professional point of view and ended by proposing several solutions. I picked the one I was most comfortable with and we took it from there. He tried several cuts on me as well as colors until I decided how I wanted my wig to be. The next day, the wig was ready to come home with me…on my head! (Thank you David.)
  4. Comforting the family:
    • I gave my family members the time to get used to my look with the wig and had them accepted it.
    • I told them that I was still the same and not to worry about me; besides I was really convinced for the best reasons!
    • And just in case I didn’t like it, hair grows!
  5. Calling the hairdresser:
    • Well, for a first time, I preferred to get in contact with the person I felt comfortable. This was Tony Ibrahim (Website coming soon). I asked him if he was OK with it. (Actually, I knew he was. I used to asked him if it would look good on me and he always thought it would.)
  6. Calling Mireille!
    • She was the first person who came to mind when I thought of whom I wanted next to me for support. (Thank you Mir for rescheduling your meetings just for me!)
    • Mireille also posted “A bold move” after I expressed my intention for a Fun(d) Raising event.
  7. Hair Shaved Day:
    • Picked up Mireille and went to Salon Tony Ibrahim.
    • Got a few grooming things done.
    • Got a make up made by the trusted Caroline Sarkissian (Who was extremely supportive of my cause.)
    • Got my head shaved under the excited eye of Mireille who was taking pictures.
  8. The shave:
    • The first second, felt like someone was tearing my hair.
    • I closed my eyes for 3 seconds and took a deep breath, I need to get accustomed to what was happening in the mirror. I admit, the moment was intense.
    • When my head got half shaved, I looked in the mirror and smiled. I felt sexy!
  9. Reactions:
    • Here is something I thought would be quite an ordeal to manage: People’s reactions. Well, bizarrely, several women in salon approached me and congratulated me for having my head shaved! One asked me if this was the new trend, another told me that her sister did the same. One said she’d love to do it herself and another asked me if I got married. (Errr, how is this one related? No idea.)
    • I went out to meet my boyfriend and some friends to hang out. Everyone was amazed that I actually did it and felt proud.
    • An employee at a store spoke to me in English thinking I was a tourist!

To tell you the truth, I didn’t care what people would say nor how they would look at me. I was out just being myself. All I can say is that I have never felt more comfortable and confident in my entire life. I  have never felt sexier or more attractive. Courage? Guts? “Balls”? I really don’t know. My heart did not race during the shave and I was smiling all the time.

Today, I wish I had shaved my head long time ago. I can’t believe I passed next to the most amazing experience all this time. I am happy and proud.

I am a girl, I live in Lebanon and I got my head shaved!

Here are the other – not so noble – reasons I want to share as a duty to myself honesty:

  1. Practicality:
    • No brushing
    • No spray
    • No gel
    • No accessories to keep the hair away from my face
    • No conditioner
    • No combs
    • No hair dryer
    • No coloring issues
    • No hair care treatments
    • No hair extensions
  2. Behavior modification:
    • No shower problems (hot water, timing of the shower)
    • No skullcap needed while swimming
    • No trouble sleeping/going out with wet hair
    • No discomfort driving with the air blowing on my face (It used to blow my hair)
    • No sweaty neck in the summer
    • No weird look after taking off a hat
    • No more bad hair days
    • No more dull hair
    • No more wet hair look at the beach
    • No more oily looks
    • No hair-loss discomfort
  3. Appearance:
    • No more “what should I do with my hair” question
    • No hair style issues
    • No more looking at the mirror for more than a minute
    • No more playing with my curls
    • No more hair sticking on my lips

Quick tips if you finally decide to step up and do it:

  • Don’t overexpose yourself to the sun immediately after the shave. Do it gradually in order to avoid useless sunburns and have a good looking homogeneous tan.
  • When temperature is really low, always cover your head to keep warm.
  • Smile a lot!

Fun(d) Raising details coming soon!

img 0624 I got my head shaved!

img 0645 I got my head shaved!

img 0660 I got my head shaved!

img 0663 I got my head shaved!

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  1. ritamou's Gravatar ritamou
    April 11, 2010    

    I have to say I admire this so effing much! U look stunning! Bold choices! Courageous moves! Good cause!

    • April 12, 2010    

      Bald geek is the new sexy :P

  2. April 11, 2010    

    You dont need a Wig in my opinion you have a great eyes and shining smile! Great Work

    • April 12, 2010    

      Well, I kind of enjoy the alternatives :) Feels good both ways anyways!

  3. April 11, 2010    

    This is a good look for you, but the heart and reason behind your decision to do this is what is the most beautiful. Congratulations for going through with it.

    • April 12, 2010    

      Thank you Khalil! I appreciate it!

  4. Zoë's Gravatar Zoë
    April 11, 2010    

    Wow, I’m a guy and I’m not brave enough to shave my head :D haha

    That said, it suits you very well. You look sexy :)

    I liked the ‘always smile’ tip.. I see a girl around campus who also has her head shaved, but she always has a ‘I’m gonna hit you’ look on her face, which kinda scared me. But once I heard her talk, I noticed she was really sweet. So, ya one should try to smile often :D


    • April 12, 2010    

      Never shaved before? Waw.. I thought all guys did at least once in their lives.. :) Thanks for the compliment.
      Actually, everybody needs to smile more often!

  5. April 11, 2010    

    I think you are just Gorgeous!…
    stunning with/without your hair!
    Brave Rita BRAVE!!
    and I love how supportive Salim is…
    So happy for you!

    • April 12, 2010    

      Your comment is touching! Salim is a wonderful man, I am blessed!

  6. Dany's Gravatar Dany
    April 11, 2010    

    Well, I can shave my head at home. You don’t need anyone to do it for you :P

    • April 12, 2010    

      I am more comfortable with people who shave heads for a living :P

  7. Sietske's Gravatar Sietske
    April 11, 2010    

    You go girl! You look beautiful!!!

    • April 12, 2010    

      Thanks! I wasn’t even sure what to expect!

  8. April 11, 2010    

    Congrats Rita. Brace yourself for now you will taste the best of the Lebanese Male culture; the famous Sa7sou7….

    • April 12, 2010    

      I’ve been having many of those! :) I am a happy woman!

  9. Chady's Gravatar Chady
    April 11, 2010    

    I got so jealous that I went and shaved my chest. :P

  10. Rami's Gravatar Rami
    April 11, 2010    

    I really admire what you did, never thought a girl might have the guts to so a similar thing! And best of all, it is for a cause.

  11. Rami's Gravatar Rami
    April 11, 2010    

    I really admire what you did, never thought a girl might have the guts to do a similar thing! And best of all, it is for a cause.

  12. April 12, 2010    

    U r shining!!!

    • April 12, 2010    

      Because it’s the happiest day of my life!

  13. April 12, 2010    


    You are one hell of a brave woman. Hats off!

    I was actually telling my boyfriend last night that I am thinking of shaving my head… I still don’t know if I am as brave :)

    Regardless, you look gorgeous :) And khay, no more styling worries and hair stuck to your lip gloss haha.

    • April 12, 2010    

      Thank you!

      You want it? Just do it & in case you don’t like it, just wait a bit…Hair grows!

      Try scarfs, see what you look like when you hide all your hair, if you’re satisfied, you are good to go!

  14. April 12, 2010    

    I love it !
    you’re a real woman!

    • April 13, 2010    

      Zina! Thank you! Love your comics!

  15. greg's Gravatar greg
    April 12, 2010    

    Every one has a story to tell once every while about somethin ,and as i can see u have a nice story line here with the sequence of ure photos that u just posted , and to me ure tellin me a tale on about how u shaved ure head and built up ure own character and identity and endin up tellin me “THIS IS ME” so i salute u for that lady .its amazing almost goes for a japanese anime comic book!
    Now to the corrupted and material world that exist around u this may sound absurd ,and “ugly” and a “freak show ” ,but beauty comes in different ways and faces who r they to tell u what beauty is ?so on my part i would love to ty for showin us this side of the story and we hold u high for ure bravery ,after all this is just another herioc act !cheers

    • April 13, 2010    

      Greg, your thank you for your sweet words. The world around me better get used to it!

  16. Simon Ayoub's Gravatar Simon Ayoub
    April 13, 2010    

    This is just the kinda news i needed to start my day.
    Such bravery and determination for a great cause can only be admired and encouraged. My father passed away from brain cancer, and this cause is really dear to me.

    As for “Preparing the workplace:
    * Saying “Tomorrow, I am going to shave” proved to be quite a shocker and thus, I had to comfort my colleagues that I wasn’t there to compromise the corporate image of the company (Oh, I am an employee too! :D ) by wearing a decent wig.”

    Phrases like “corporate image of the company” and “decent wig” really piss me off. the company you work at should have shown you more support.

    I look forward to you posting the Donation Details.

    ps: oh by the way, it really suits you and you look hot :) so answering Would you date a bald chick? is a post written by Ivy, HELL YES, i’d date a bald chick :)

    • April 13, 2010    

      Dear Simon,

      I am so sorry for your loss. I lost many relatives to cancer too. I know what it’s like,

      I totally expected this reaction and I totally understand it.
      As for the wig, being a girl and having a previous experience with hair extensions (most of the girls do that for fun) I found out that some really looked fake and worn for fun with weird flashy colors and that there were several types of wigs.

      I call “decent” the one that looks natural on the person.

      I’ll be updating you the soonest concerning the Fun(d) Raising event.

      PS: Thank you a lot for answering Ivy’s question…Actually, the dating thing is an issue for many sick girls who underwent chemotherapy. I wish there were more men like you out there!

  17. Dweik El Jabal's Gravatar Dweik El Jabal
    April 13, 2010    

    you still look great. but u don’t “shave” your head with a trimmer, u need a razor blade for that. why a wig? i don’t get it. what was the point of trimming your hair pretty short in the first place, if you will go out with a wig? much ado about nothing!

    • April 13, 2010    

      Thank you for clarifying the technical dofference between a shave & a trim.
      Let me put it into perspective: From where I stand, being a girl and doing this, that’s for me a shave :) I’m used to trim my eyebrows, but not my hair!

      Anyways, that said, I’m only using the wig at work now for reasons I’ll be posting soon.

      I invite you to visit a 14 years old girl undergoing chemotherapy and ask her how easy it is.

      Trimming/shaving this close does not suit all heads but I took the risk, no matter what.

      The wig is fun. I love the idea of being able to change my style extremely and easily.

      But hey, thank you for sharing!

  18. rita mikael's Gravatar rita mikael
    January 27, 2011    

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa so adorableeeeeeeeeeee:D

  19. David's Gravatar David
    February 22, 2011    

    Wow! You look totally amazing. Your Salim is lucky to have such a gorgeous girlfriend. I’d date you any day.

  20. chantale's Gravatar chantale
    April 4, 2011    

    WOW i’m speechless!!!! you are so brave!! and i loved the new look ktir lebe2lik!!! i guess by now ur hair grew back a bit :)

    • ritakml's Gravatar ritakml
      April 7, 2011    

      Thank you! Yes, just little tiny bit :)

  21. katrine's Gravatar katrine
    April 10, 2011    

    nice look. keep it :D

  22. mal's Gravatar mal
    September 2, 2011    

    you are very beautiful with bald

  23. Gio's Gravatar Gio
    February 4, 2012    

    I shaved my head 6 times and didnt make this stupid huge fuss out of it.
    If u think it’s normal, u wouldnt make a huge deal.
    But u wanted to show that u r bold.
    Mbayan people cut their hair everyday, an inch , 2 , 3 or even 3al 0 but they don’t make this fuss!
    Gotta admit they look nice, bold head on chicks always was appealing to me

    • February 4, 2012    

      You can’t encourage people to do something without talking about it. Me thinking it’s normal is my personal opinion. It’s unimaginable for many others. Cutting inches everyday is doesn’t help in DONATING hair for wigs. You have no idea how no one knew that donating hair was possible nor how it could help.

  24. I want to do this, but I don’t have the guts!

  1. a bold move : Mireille Raad on April 12, 2010 at 7:23 pm

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