Would you date a bald chick?

Would you date a bald chick? is a post written by Ivy.

You probably already heard about the lovely Rita Kamel who shaved her head either from her blog or from the many Retweets she got on twitter! It’s the hot topic of the moment which led many of us to ask, why? Yes. Why would a pretty Lebanese girl simply decide to shave her head and go bald just like that. But you see this didn’t just happen out out of the blue, Rita planned it out to the very last detail, like one would do for a trip, getting her family on board, her boyfriend ( who happens to be bald too!) and even her co-workers. Rita even got a wig custom-made to wear to work.

Luckily for us Rita eloquently walks us through the many reasons she went through with it. Here is what she had to say when it was over:

To tell you the truth, I didn’t care what people would say nor how they would look at me. I was out just being myself. All I can say is that I have never felt more comfortable and confident in my entire life. I  have never felt sexier or more attractive. Courage? Guts? “Balls”? I really don’t know. My heart did not race during the shave and I was smiling all the time.”

Her  friend also gives us an insight of the different feelings she experienced in “ A Bold Move.“  Here are some of the reasons why Rita went through with it explains Mireille:

  1. Breaking the chemotherapy taboo
  2. Breaking the conventional beauty standard
  3. Raise awareness and funds for cancer

Rita’s move really got me thinking, she went somewhere many of us wouldn’t dare to go. Is it because we associate our hair with being feminine or is it because we live in a society that just wouldn’t understand let alone accept a bald by-choice woman. And how genius is it that Rita is doing her part in breaking these barriers.

Most importantly Rita’s boyfriend who  supported her all the way and is seen in the below pic kissing her head ( sigh.) So ask yourselves this: If you had a boyfriend, would he still love you without your long locks? Would he still find you sexy, hot, irresistible?  Better yet, would a guy especially a Lebanese one, date a bald girl? ( Thanks Shanty and Rita)  Bisoux

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