A bald move by an even bolder woman..

A bald move by an even bolder woman.. is a post written by Lorena

“I am a girl, I live in Lebanon and I got my head shaved!” On April 10, 2010, Rita Kamel shaved her head for the following three reasons:

1- To break chemotherapy taboos.
2- To break the conventional beauty standards.
3- To raise awareness and funds for cancer.

I’d have to say, mission accomplished! I came across an article about her (on Ivy’s blog: Would you date a bald chick?) and was blown-away by her courage and conviction. She’s a true inspiration! Doesn’t she look absolutely gorgeous too?

I’m sure you’re all curious: How did she prepare for such a drastic step? What were the reactions of people around her? What did she discover through this? How could this help other women dealing with chemotherapy? Read Rita’s inspirational story on her blog: Click here.

Also, be sure to read Rita’s friend’s post on the experience with more insight on why Rita did it: Click here.

More about Rita coming soon!

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