METLIK METLEH is a post written by Chantal.

I wanted to donate my hair to the cancer center since long time ago and even wrote a blog about how good the idea is in December. Donate your Hair.

Yet for several reasons, I did not do it. (Lack of guts, support, enthusiasm, my hair wasn’t long enough…)

A couple of weeks back, Rita Kamel got her head shaved and started an awareness campaign about cancer. So now that my hair grew longer, I’m determined on cutting my hair short and donating it to the Children Cancer Center.

So what do you say guys think? Shall I do it? Do you honestly support the idea?

Would love to have your opinions…with or against…other perspectives…

One thought on “METLIK METLEH

  1. i dont really think that what we think matter!! i totally support the idea, if u deep down want to do !! and feel it all the way, then go ahead 🙂 and if not , i dont think anyone would think any less of u!
    u rock 😀

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