Chantal’s move

Two days ago, I heard pleasant news: Chantal informed me that she was going to cut her hair short and donate it to the Children Cancer Center in Lebanon.

This could sound trivial for some or the normal – without thinking – thing to do for some of you. But I invite you to think about it twice.

How many girls out there have you heard say: “My boyfriend would kill me if I cut 0.5cm of my hair.” ? How many girls remember to tell their hairdresser to braid their hair before cutting them (Keeping hem together in order to donate them.) How many kilos of – at least 20cm in length – hair go to waist everyday because of ignorance? How many girls keep their freshly cut braid at home wondering what to do with it?

I’m left wondering how short will Chantal dare to go. Will she regret it? We will find out this Saturday, 8th May 2010!

Whether you are a man or a woman and you have long hair, think of all the good you can do by donating your hair to people who really need and can’t afford a wig, painlessly & without any effort besides your consent to help a sick person feel better about himself. (Never forget that hair grows back!)

If you already did it and don’t know what to do without your braid, let us know.
You can also inform the hairdresser about this initiative. He can lend a hand by collecting braids for donation.

No one is safe from cancer but everybody can help!

See you at the friendly Tweetup meeting!

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