Donate your hair!

Chantal did it! Saturday at noon, we went together to the hairdresser for the haircut. This was so exciting! Now that summer is near, I know that many ladies are considering cutting their hair short.

If you have more than 15cm length of hair to cut, donating your hair is pretty simple. All you need to do is to remind your hairdresser to braid them before the cut. (You can contact me or the Children Cancer Center in Lebanon or any other association you know.)

This act costs nothing, it’s painless and it can be done several times during a lifetime…hair grows! I hope it becomes a habit every time people with long hair decide to have a short haircut!

Talk to your surroundings about this possibility, you will notice that many were not aware and do not know that this could be done. Your hair can help people undergoing chemotherapy, trash it!

Should you have any concerns/questions, feel free to share/ask!

This braid is going to make a sick person feel better!

10 thoughts on “Donate your hair!

  1. I can’t believe that you did it ! you also ended up with a new look ! WAY TO GO, gonna do the same, my hair to way too long for a serious man 🙂

  2. Good stuff girls 🙂

    but what can a bold guy like me do to help? even if i stop shaving my hair, not much will grow! hehehehe

    Rita you still haven’t posted any information for donations.

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  4. I’m really impressed with you, Chantal. And with you, Rita, for posting about it. I have posted about you on my blog, because I think this is a wonderful thing. I’m also gonna try to find out out if it’s doable in Kuwait.

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