Fun(d) Raising tweetup & Kids with cancer initiative overview

Fun(d) Raising tweetup & Kids with cancer initiative overview is a post written by Fun(d)Raising.

Fun(d) Raisers got to meet on a lovely tweetup at Noodles-ABC Ashrafieh and discuss different initiatives to help raising awareness about cancer and specially help unfortunate kids fighting that disease and hopefully win.

This initiative was kicked in by Rita Kamel, you can read about it all on her blog. During our meeting Rita introduced her idea more in detail for the tweeps who didn’t know exactly the whole scope of the initiative and proceeded to summarizing what we thought would be a good action plan.
Then of course, suggestions and ideas started pouring in and hopefully all of them will be put into action as part of the initiative or as new ones.

First of all here is more about Rita’s action plan and the different initiative from our meeting

Meeting with the Children Cancer Center in Lebanon (St Jude)
First, Rita went visiting cancer centers and associations to get in touch with them and to know what they actually need. She met with a lovely lady from the Children Cancer Center in Lebanon. She told us the story of St Jude, took us around the center for a tour and discussed with us how we could help. What they honestly and seriously need is money, I mean MONEY as in a lot a lot of money ( operating a cancer center that treats kids for free is not any cheap thing )

We honestly told her that raising that much is not within our scope, but since our community members are active social networking members, we agreed with her that we can help spread the word, awareness and link back to their online donation page. People who donate are kindly requested to add the keyword “Fund(d) Raising” as a comment on their donation. Hopefully then, we will be able to involve many people online inside and outside Lebanon and help spread the word.

During our tour in the center, we met a doctor who stressed that it would be lovely if we can donate wigs and how much difference it makes .

Meeting with Chance
Chance is an organization that also helps treating kids with cancer . We went to one of their meetings, they have a series of events they do to raise money. We can easily help promote those events and spread the word.

We got the word about Tamana from the twitter – Tamanna is actually a wish-list for kids critical illnesses from different centers/hospitals and from different backgrounds. The goal of Tamanna is to simply bring happiness and brighten up the days of a kid going through treatment by simply asking them to make a wish and then granting it .
The wish list includes stuff like get a ps2, have a computer, go on a shopping spree, travel, meet a celebrity…

We got very excited over Tamanna idea since it gives us an easy to do goal list. It is targeted, we can easily create positive change in someone’s life by donating simple objects that parents can’t afford anymore considering the costs of medical treatments.

Wigs or “Mitlik Mitleh”
With summer around the corner, many ladies are heading to hairdressers. Many of us have a long hair that becomes an annoyance in summer, hairdressers are happy to cut them, but most take those long strands to turn them into extensions for rent.

What we want to do is simply spread the word and encourage girls with long hair to cut theirs. It is painless and simply, hair grows back easily.

The price of a wig with medium length is 300 usd in average. With the the buzz we can get couple of wigs done and as some of the fun(d) raisers suggested, why not sell wigs in exchange of money and donate it ?

Fun(d) raising gaming event
As suggested by as suggested by dashkoun, it would be extra exciting and fun to host gaming events . girls and guys will battle , race , play till finger muscles cramp ( ok, maybe a bit less ) we can rent a place in hamra with a lovely atmosphere, gamers can play, others can enjoy entertainement on big TVs (a movie screening anyone? ) . we can use this event also as a get together .

Yummi cookup as suggested by joelle hatem and ghassan aballah
Who can get enough from enjoying yummi crunchy stuff ?  obviously no one ! – specially stuff cooked with love are hard to resist. That is why joelle and ghassan will be collaboration to create what they promised us to be the yummiest fund raising event yet. And maybe as darine pointed out, if you guys are up to it – we could have a day out to enjoy the food in some cool location and discover a lebanese area.

That’s a lot of stuff, where to get started ?
Many girls are already cutting their hair, so priority has to go for the wig initiative. We will then create text, banners for you guys to put on your blogs and to link to online donation page. after that we all get together for a wrap up meeting and gaming session where we collect the strands and evaluate our progress and hoepuflly plan our next move in detail with joelle and ghassan.

How to proceed ?
You can spread the word using any tool u want, u can tweet about it , share of facebook, put a blog post to engage ur reader, use the oh-very-powerful lebanese word of mouth to let people know about the collecting wig initiative , we will be calling that “mitlik-mitleh”.
We will have a default text you can use on ur blog or share on twitter/faceook. but it would be cooler if you post about this from your own point of view. Also if you have any ideas on how we can create more buzz, let us know by leaving a comment here or on the forums.
If you are a blogger and want to add a banner to support a cancer center or re-direct to their donation page, please get in touch with us to explain all details to you and to send you all the images/links and how-to.

Hope we will hear back from you , this initiative can only work if we all collaborate on it.

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  1. Hi Rita!

    The section “Wigs or “Mitlik Mitleh” of Fun(d)raising really caught my eye and as One Wig Stand is all about the wigs, I’d like to find a way to collaborate 🙂 I’d love to find out more and find ways to help spread the word.. Let’s be in touch soon!


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