Happy 4th Blog Anniversary!

Today, ritakml turns 4 years old.

Writing this blog has been a revelation to me. For four years, it’s been giving me the chance to share so many subjects in one place.

I used to keep an intimate personal journal when I was younger. Parts of it are no longer personal and I’m happy they aren’t -> Poésie

I started blogging on 10 August, 2006 and Le Hell was my first post.

Writing a blog and keeping up with it is quite an amusing challenge. There are times when your fingers can’t stop typing and others when you suffer from the blank page syndrome, times when you write angrily and others wondering if that post shouldn’t go online and get trashed instead, times when you go to Tweetups and public social events to get some inspiration and others when you just feel like sharing a picture.

In all those times, thank you.

Thank you for the awesome and constructive feedback you keep on giving me. Thank you for the support you’ve been providing me. Thank you Twitterers, Facebookers and Subscribers for the love you show me every day.

I wish the best to all my fellow bloggers… Keep blogging!

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