Mimi gets her first haircut!

Mimi gers her first haircut! is a post written by Subway Mom on 24/7 Parents blog

I took Mimi to Toni & Guy today to get her first ever haircut! She impressively sat through the whole haircut process without a peep. Of course she moved about a bit, but she didn’t fuss at all. She was just intrigued to see what the hair stylist was doing.

At first I showed the stylist the haircut I liked. I found it last night after a comprehensive internet search for preschooler curly hairdos. (Thanks, Dreamer13, for your fabulous pics, ideas and advice!)

After wetting Mimi’s hair, since I had already washed it for her last night, the stylist tied Mimi’s hair into a ponytail and then braided it. The braid was then neatly cut off and put aside. It’s going to be donated to Children Cancer Center of Lebanon. (Thanx, Chanty, for the idea!)

It took the hairstylist about half an hour of work to reach the final look. No more hair on Mimi’s neck!! Much more manageable!! And plainly, just more fun for her!

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