Love…under construction!

Here are few funny exercises, all inspired from scientific studies that you can use to create emotional intimacy with your partner, even if you barely know him/her:

  • Two in one
    Hug slowly, feel the breathing of your partner and gradually try to synchronize your own breathing with his/hers. A few minutes later you may feel that you both have merged.
  • Looking into the soul
    Stay seated or stand up a little less than a meter from your partner, look  deep into their eyes. Do it for about two minutes, then talk about what you “saw”.
  • Imitation
    Stay seated or stand up relatively close to one another. Start moving your hands, arms and legs the way you wish imitating perfectly the movements of your partner. It’s amusing but also challenging. You will feel that you are moving voluntary but in reality your moves are linked to your partner’s.
  • Falling in love
    It’s a trust exercise. One of those that increase feelings of vulnerability. From the standing position, let yourself fall back in the arms of your partner then switch roles. Repeat the exercise several times then talk about how it felt. Strangers who do this exercise sometimes feel connected for years.
  • Exchange of secrets
    Write down a secret and ask your partner to do the same. Exchange the papers and talk about what you read. You can continue until there are no more secrets left.
  • Mind reading game
    Write down a thought that you wish to communicate to your partner. Stay a few minutes without speaking trying to transmit the thought to your partner while he/she’s trying to guess it. If he/she doesn’t, show him/her what your thought was then exchange roles.
  • Let me guess you
    Stand up more than one meter further from each and focus on your partner. Every 10 seconds get a little bit closer to each other. After several times, you will be invading his/her personal space. Get as close as you can without touching each other. (Most of those who tried this exercise reported that it often ends with a kiss.)
  • Aura of love
    Place the palm of your hand as close as possible to the palm of your partner without touching. Stay still for several minutes. You will feel the warmth but also, sometimes, strange sparkles.

Source: Cerveau & Psycho, No. 39, P. 43 May-June 2010 (I took the liberty to translate in English “bitasarrof”)

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  1. fi shi special version lal geeks – can u start min abl l dating aka fi shi tutorial on getting another geek to look up their keyboards and decide to invest time in relationship 😛 ?

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