How to calculate the amount of allowed land investment in Lebanon?

Kicking off my career in real estate, I would like to shire this interesting article I stumbled upon:

When looking for a property in Lebanon, a buyer often faces investment ratios that look weird and hard to identify easily and accurately without professional assistance from a land surveyor. Basically, if you’re a serious buyer or investor, you’ll definitely have to go deeper into zoning regulations before knowing perfectly the amount of construction you can perform on your land, since these differ from municipality to another, and even from sub-area to another and are often subject to modifications with time.

Let’s take an easy example of a flat land of 1,000 square meters area. If we model the ratio as X/Y:

X would be the % of area that you are allowed to construct within, and Y would constitute the % of area you are allowed to construct in total (or vertically in other terms).

To make it simpler, let’s take the 1,000 square meters flat piece of land and estimate the investment ratio at 25/50.

Since the X factor is 25, this means that your construction should be performed within a tarea of not more than 25% of the size of your land, in this case 250 sqm.

And since the Y factor is 50, this means that the total summed areas of your construction should not exceed 50% of the size of you land, in this case that makes 500 sqm.

So finally, for a 1,000 sqm flat land, and taking into consideration a 25/50 investment ratio, you can for example, develop a 2-level building of 250 sqm size each.

This gives practically a preliminary idea of what can be done with the concerned piece of land. However, once the decision to develop is there, there are many other factors to explore, such as the maximum number of floors allowed, which is normally set in the zoning regulations by the municipality and/or the Urban Planning authorities.

Source: Ekaruna, Issue 09,  P. 66, August-September 2010

7 thoughts on “How to calculate the amount of allowed land investment in Lebanon?

  1. Hi, just a quick question. Does the same formula work for building 2 buildings on the one block?
    For example if the block is 10000m at 25/50. X = 2500 can I half this and have the surface area of 2 buildings at 1250m? Obviously Y would also be halved.

  2. Najiek dunno if your still following but if your building is 10,000 sqm

    and your land zone is 25/50 it means your building consist of 2 floors each of 5000 sqm

    and your land is around 20,000 sqm

    if you have any Questions feel free to contact me on my e-mail

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