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With every new experience comes new adventures!

Currently looking for a new corporate identity for my family business establishment, I used Google and Lebweb as search tools.  I picked 8 random links and sent them an e-mail presenting the profile of the establishment to give a clear idea and inquiring about a new logo and standard stationary set quotation. (Business card + Letterhead + Envelop, some would include A5 Note Book and others a folder)
Below are the results (Printing not included):

  1. Company in Beirut: $2,220
  2. Company in Beirut with a regional presence: $1,300
  3. Company in Jounieh: $750
  4. Company in Rabieh with a regional presence: $400
  5. Company in Beirut replied by mail asking for a meeting before giving a quotation
  6. Company in Beirut called back asking for a meeting before giving a quotation
  7. Company in Beirut: No Reply
  8. Company in Beirut with International presence: No Reply

Some have restrictions:

  • “English logotype”
  • “Logo: 1 design concept, each additional design costs additional $250”

Reading all these e-mails felt really weird. Don’t get me wrong; I know that some are more experienced than others. But to have a price range from $400 to $2,200? What a stretch! Unaware customers, beware of the traps! I guess the are no standards for reference either. (Like in most industries… *sigh)

What do you guys think? Is that normal?

Some told me that freelancers’ fee ranged from $600 to $1500!

As far as I am concerned, I consider myself lucky that a graphic designer and two architects friends allocated some of their precious time to help me out.

Finally, as Randy Newman sings it so well: “It’s a jungle out there, Disorder and confusion everywhere, No one seems to care..”

2 thoughts on “Corporate identity quotations in Lebanon

  1. Graphic Professionals are very important at the right time and with the right materials at hand. An accurate corporate image (reflected or desired) should be created by its participants.

    Everyone in the business should give their opinions, pictures, drawings, sketches, and reasons, include your current clients on this process. Provide all that info to the head of the business to filter, narrow and prioritize. Only then, when you are prepared with information, is that you hire a graphic designer. Ask companies that already have presence with well designed corporate identity who they used. They will be flattered with the compliment and gladly provide you with the info about their designer.

    Interview a few professionals but don’t discuss price — after you decided who you like the most, sit down to draw a fee agreement — you do get what you pay for.

    I wish I had spent double early on, but now its too late for my company. Work directly with the designer and don’t insist on a close rate, because incentive to further improve the material is completely removed by a closed, all-inclusive price. This process takes time, inspiration and patience.

    I hope this helps.

  2. i guess the important is that people understand that branding is an investment.
    i know prices are a bit high sometimes but companies shouldn’t be too greedy at first.
    spending the least and making the most isn’t always the best way to start.
    the better the designer, the better the branding, the better your image, the more you sell. sure with that comes a higher price, but as i said it is an investment.

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