God is in Jeita Grotto

My boyfriend and I took my visiting Moroccan friend to Jeita Grotto last weekend. As we were touring in the Grotto, we reached the highest level and looked down at nature’s wonder in silence. A young boy was standing next to us, holding his mother’s hand. He approached the fence, pointed his finger down and asked in French:

Boy: Qu’est ce qu’il y a en bas? (What’s down there?)
Mother: Rien (Nothing)
Boy: Est-ce qu’il y a Dieu en bas? (Is God down there?)
Mother: Non, Dieu n’est pas en bas. (No, God is not down there)

The boy focused on the majestic landscape and finally said:
-Si, Dieu est en bas! Et Dieu est dans tous les coeurs! (Yes, God is down there! And God is in every heart!)

We stopped and stared at each other with a smile. Kids are amazing! Doesn’t that give you a hint on why a grotto was considered a sacred place?

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