Photography Workshop for Beginners with Toni Yammine

The edition I participated in took place in SMEX premises in Badaro. It started on October 9, 2010 and it was held every Saturday from 03:00 PM till 06:00 PM. (Total of 4 sessions).

  • The Place

Badaro. Finding a parking spot was not impossible, the right side of the street was for free. Yet, due to the construction activity nearby; it was noisy.

  • The Participants

Young to less young 🙂 from different backgrounds, participants shared one common interest: Photography, of course!

  • The Facilitator

Toni Yammine was able to get his message through in a fun and easy way. He was pleasant, patient and focused…the only remark here, is that he speaks a bit too fast! 🙂 (I think that’s because he’s so passionate.) He gave us links to look up online for more in depth info about certain concepts, mixed Arabic and English making everyone comfortable.

  • The Workshop

Designed for those who have no idea about photography and for people who lack technical knowledge (like myself). Presentation was clear and straight to the point.

Personal Overall Impression:

Loved the “class” atmosphere; we were in synergy with Toni. Loved the fact that he gave a “homework” that  was corrected in the next session, which made me grasp my learning with more confidence and the group photoshoot we did in Jbeil at the end (Check previous post: Photoshoot outing in Jbeil) with the Lebanese Photography Club. The workshop is totally worth it, I learned a lot and Toni Yammine made me love photography even more! I am looking forward to attending the Advanced level!

Find out more about Toni Yammine’s Photography Workshop for Beginners (Facebook) and Photography Workshops site.

What did some of my classmates think?

I have gone through many photography books and magazines but discussing several issues in this course made things clearer. It was the simple explanation of technical details that made the difference. – Ali Zogheib

I found Toni’s workshop by pure coincidence on Facebook and didn’t take me 2 seconds to register. I’ve bought my DSLR cam in the beginning of June but I was unaware of it’s full potential. Thanks to this workshop and to Toni’s tips, my pictures are more colorful and expressive. He organized an outing where beginners like ourselves mingled with more advanced photographers and learned a lot from their experience. I’ve registered for the advanced photography workshop and I’m waiting for the next field trip with the Lebanese Photography Club. – Elie Georges

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