Photoshoot at the zoo

This photoshoot came with several challenges: 99.99% of the shots are about moving subjects. A fast shutter meant a large aperture. But in late afternoon, I was losing light and my pictures became darker and a higher ISO lead to more noise. I was able to select 18 pictures from the 157 shots.

The place: Animal City located in Nahr El Kalb.

Conditions: Far from perfect. Some cages are really too small and I could not understand why people were allowed to feed the animals. The place calls itself a refuge. To my knowledge, a refuge is a place for wounded animals who are set free in their natural habitat once healed. If not, placed in a zoo which purpose is to raise awareness about the animal and how to protect it.

9 thoughts on “Photoshoot at the zoo

  1. I love the pictures!
    I’ve been to that zoo before. It’s sad how small these cages are. I wasn’t happy with the conditions the animals were in either!

    • Thanks Riham! I already have a lot of difficulty seeing animals in such tight cages, they seem all sad and angry. I prefer the safari concept by far.

  2. rita les photos sont superbes! jai visite le zoo aujourdhui pour la premiere fois: tes photos m’ont poussee a le faire (effet psychique de ton oeuvre sur moi:)) cependant l’endroit a besoin de maintenance mais pas mal quand meme.
    la photographie de l’ours brun est tellement expressive donc permets moi un petit commentaire sans trop bavarder 🙂 notre animal sous l’angle de ta camera parait triste et vide de son energie… emprisonne, loin d’etre l’OURS que la nature connait et tel represente dans les tetes des enfants: un ours fort …
    le voir de pres en train de tourner litteralement en rond dans sa cage minable,tete baissee comme jamais rencontre etroitement ta photographie. tout ceci pour te dire que tes photos representent la realite dans tous ses recoins et ca c’est la reussite ultime a mes yeux.

    courage et bonne continuation 🙂

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