Meet Elie, bartender at Strumpf, Dbayeh.

Elie making his magic.

Meet Elie, barman at Strumpf, Dbayeh by night and Audit student with one semester left to graduate for USEK. Long story made short, I went to Strumpf in order to see Marianne. I hadn’t seen her for a while and wanted to catch up on the long months that already passed. At my arrival, I was asked if I had a reservation. I replied negative, so I was directed to the bar only to discover it was open wings &  potato wedges & beer night. Marianne and I decided to try them out. [bitassarrof *wink to Marianne.]

I have weird taste buds I must admit. I’m not friends with spice. I made that clear to Elie who was taking the order. While we eating, I noticed that there was a round of shots. Elie was preparing a mix of vodka, lime and olives. When he handed me the shot, I look at him, said: “Elie, not only am I not friends with spice, but also with all the ingredients in that shot” and went back to my chicken business. Elie thought about it for a minute, distributed the shots and stared at his bottles. He started mixing and handed a red – orangy shot. “This should do the trick, I won’t let you leave the place without your shot. Everybody’s entitled to one!”. I tasted it and smiled. “Jamaica, he said. With less stress on the lime!”

Watching Elie working behind the bar was a real pleasure. He’s quick and got an eye for detail. He’s always smiling, listen to everyone and won’t let you leave without your entitled shot. I wish there were more people who don’t give up on customers!

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