Looking for a new home

When you are looking for a new home, there are several questions you need to ask yourself about location, size, amenities and the current state. Most people have  unrealistic expectations; therefore it is important to ask around, make a research or request professional assistance.

Since buying a house is the biggest investment you will do in your life, you need to be careful. Make sure you visit the apartment more than once and try to detect obvious and hidden defects. The later, harder to find for the untrained eye will require the help of an expert.

Now the complicated part:

The legal aspect

First, an engineer needs to check in the Real Estate Journal of the Real Estate Registry if the construction in compliance with safety standards and if there is any claim or lawsuit (ishara) regarding the building.

Second, you need to obtain the “kima ta2jitiya” of the apartment after the “ifraz” is done. Taxes are based on it.

Third, you need to get a map of the plot and construction plan from the Registry of Topography and an “ifefed kayl” (The map will show you if the zoning standards have been respected and if there are any conflicts with adjacent plots while the “ifedet kayl” is the area of the apartment with respect to the plan.)

Fourth, the owner should provide you with a “sanad melkiyeh” and finally you will need to obtain the “irtifak wa takhtit” from the Federation of Municipalities of the district. The later will reveal if the government has planned any future project that might affect the building in which you are planning to buy your new apartment.

The registration process

There are two options:

Either you go with the seller to the “ketib 3adel” to sign a sales contract which gives you a period of 10 years to officially register the property or directly go to the local office of the directorate and register the sale immediately after presenting a series of documents and paying a fee. The municipal and financial “bara2et zemmeh” indicating that all municipal taxes on the property have been paid and that there is no outstanding mortgage.

Phewwww! Finally, you’re done! Don’t forget to ask for the keys 🙂

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