A storm in Lebanon: Damages on agriculture

Why import when we can do better? We can do better but the problem is that we do not have any support. The problem is that we work with honesty.

Our mission is to provide the consumer with SAFE vegetables. This is not only a difficult task but also mere impossible. Let alone the cost to get one good looking vegetable, we have to find a way to overcome power cuts. Let alone the fact that we already lost the previous season due to extremely high temperatures and fast spreading diseases caused by  fierce  moths like Tuta Absoluta, we also have to bare storms and storms = damages. Considerable damages.

When a greenhouse is destroyed in whole or part and the rain soaks the planted vegetables, we are done. The vegetables are dead. This means that not only we have to repair or build back the greenhouse from scratch but also replace the dead plants by new seeds and wait until it grows again…the next season.

No, agriculture is not a money making business.  There is no year that comes without its amount of damage but 2010 broke the records. The year is lost.

…and people still complain about the prices when we can’t even break even, although we are much cheaper than the distributors (Since they add their own margins).

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