Mentioned in Communicate (November 2010)

It’s always nice to see that a print magazine noticed you. It’s always nice to have someone call you up saying: “Oh! Guess what! I read about your blog in a magazine!” (Here comes the “But” part) BUT, it’s odd to be the last one to know! I’m honored and grateful to see that my ideas, thoughts or anything on the blog made it through yet I would have appreciated a lot more if I knew on time! I would have told everyone around to buy the issue! I would have helped boost more sales 🙂

Sad thing is that I only knew a few days ago that the research I did about the Corporate identity quotations in Lebanon was mentioned in Communicate – November 2010 and I don’t even have a print copy myself! That’s my personal opinion anyways.

What do you other bloggers think? And my fellow friends who also got mentioned and we not aware. Wouldn’t it be nice to get an e-mail that you are getting mentioned in a print magazine? (All the blogs have a “About me”/”Contact me” tab.)

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