Gemmayzeh: One street with a lot of problems

Gemmayzeh is a street in Lebanon that has a lot to deal with: Loss of it”s original identity, skyrocketing rent and selling prices, pubs permits, noise etc… a subject that has shed a lot of ink in the papers and been highlighted in many talk shows on TV.

The more days go by, the worse the situation is getting in Gemmayzeh, especially during the weekend. Besides the annoying and useless honking very late during the night and traffic, people have to suffer from valet parking related issues.  I personally always preferred to park my car myself and keep the keys. That’s what I do when I go to Gemmayzeh.

But lately, I can’t leave the area without having to call the police on 112. I always have to find my car trapped. Valet  are parking the cars they are taking  in an illegal manner on the roads careless. Double line, triple line…who cares? I have to spend one hour waiting in the car waiting for help before I go home. Many cars are getting fined while their owners are in the pubs having fun. Their valet just trashes the police ticket before giving the  vehicles back in order to avoid trouble.

The more days pass by, the more cars Gemmayzeh’s valet parking needs to figure out where to park. The last time I dialed 112, it was obvious that I wasn’t the only person having this kind of trouble. It was also obvious that the  problem was raised to higher authorities, in vain. Cars were parked in double, triple line, on the sidewalks where possible… everywhere. Oh, and even in the middle of the wider roads. (But who cares?)

Are we waiting for even worse to happen?

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5 thoughts on “Gemmayzeh: One street with a lot of problems

  1. I hate gemmayze valet parking. I honestly prefer to find a parking spot or put my car in the Frere parking. What annoys me the most about the valets is the fact that they do not allow you to park your car next to the sidewalks. They leave a space that fits 4 or 5 cars empty and just stand in it and do not allow anyone to stop, unless you want to give them your car. It never reached the point where I have to call 112 for me (mostly because I avoid them completely) but yes, I definitely agree with you, we need a solution.

    • is there any legal “strength” behind people (valets and others) that block parking spaces with chairs and such to keep them open? Other than the fear of having my car vandalized is there anything keeping me from pushing the chair out of the way and parking, or parking in the street spaces valets horde?

      I was near Monot on Tuesday parking in a paid (meter) parking spot when a guy came running up to me and was asking me to move my car…too close to the chair space he was saving in front of the little food shop. I was going to pull up a bit anyway so it wasn’t a big deal, yet I pointed to the public meter and said as long as that’s there my car is here.

  2. The same problem occurs during the day as well, not to mention the lack of parking space due to overcrowding amount of offices and restaurants.
    Moreover we see a lot of building being demolished weekly in that area, not to count the homes and lands being bought by people not from that region.

  3. I moved from Hamra to Gemmayze, as you may have read on my blog…actually I live a street right behind Gourard Street. I love the neighborhood, I love the history of it… but the problems there are UNBELIEVABLE. To be honest, the noise is not even that bad, I a student, had no problem with it… the complains and protests are all for no reason most of the time… but seriously driving… at any time of the day is plain hectic!

  4. I’d suggest something like spray paint.. as long as it can be eventually washed off by the owner, but not quickly enough to avoid the valet managing to wipe it off and getting away with double parking. Also gives you a creative outlet while you’re waiting.

    … sorry I saw this article that late. Cheers !

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