Meet a photographer: Thomas Leuthard

Thomas Leuthard in a shutter click

Thomas Leuthard. Born on 05-Oct-1971 and living in Switzerland

.Main camera: Nikon D7000 and a Lumix GF1.
Main lens:
Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 D
Post-processing software:
Apple Aperture 3.
Favorite lighting:
Cloudy or foggy days.
Favorite time to make photographs:
During lunch time.
Favorite season to make photographs:
Fall or Winter.
Favorite mood to make photographs:
A slight depression.
Favorite music while making photographs:
John Coltrane.
Favorite quote related to photography:
“If you cannot focus anymore, you are too close…” – 85mm

Thomas Leuthard, street photographer

Why photography? What do you hope to achieve?
It’s a passion, it’s creativity and it’s regeneration from my daily job as an Information Management Support Specialist. I just want people to look at my work. Maybe get famous for 15 minutes, as Andy Warhol once said. I want to have fun, make good photos and show them to the World.

Which photograph do you consider was the most difficult to make so far? What were the challenges?

Too Close

Taking photos in the streets is always a challenge, especially if you make unasked portraits of strangers. Once, there was a guy I saw from across the street in Zurich. I had to take a photo of him and crossed the street. I went as close as possible, pointed at him, and started shooting. He saw me, came closer and put his hand in front of my lens. The result was about 5 photos of him getting closer and a black one at the end (him covering my lens). “Life is not posing, it is happening…” – 85mm

Which photograph do you consider was the funniest to make so far? What was the story behind it?
During a basic photo course, we were trying to capture motion on a kids’ playground with different equipment. It was a lot of fun as it was not that easy to hold the camera on tripod between your legs while swinging on a kids’ swing.


What style attracts you most? Why?
Real life photography in Black & White. For me this is real photography and it gives a touch of vintage style. Color is often too much for a single photo.

How far do you go with post-processing?
A bit of contrast, brightness, etc. correction. Sometimes, I take out of the camera photos in Black & White with my Lumix GF1 which are really good. So processing is not that important for me.

What motivates you to grab the camera and go make a photograph?
It’s the way I feel after making a good photo. It’s the challenge to capture ordinary life in an extraordinary photo which makes people think or touches them.

Tell us about a weird thing you do or habit you have before a photoshoot:
There is nothing. Either you are in the mood or not. You feel that pretty soon and this will tell you, if you will bring home some killer shots or not.

Describe your feelings during a photoshoot:
That depends. Sometimes, I feel really good, people make me smile, I’m proud enough to get very close, while other times this does not working. There are days, I don’t see anything, but other days, where I could take hundreds of photos.

Did you ever cross borders in photography?
Until now, there was no such situation. Once, I made a portrait of a men without legs.  Another time, I put the camera on the floor to shoot a beggar. I think that it is important how you shoot in such a situation. You can  show respect to someone by choosing the angle, perspective and composition. Sometimes you may have to hide something in order to make the shot. But you still have to think about it.

One night in Frankfurt…

3 tips / advice to other photographers:

  1. Don’t bother too much about the technique, start shooting immediately and shoot a lot.
  2. Join a community or a club to keep challenging yourself with others and to get feedback.
  3. Find buddies to go out shooting with.

How can we stay updated with your work?

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