Meet a photographer: Fady Nammour

Fady Nammour. Born on 22-Aug-1980 and living in Lebanon.

Fady Nammour in a shutter click

Main camera: Canon 7D.
Main lens: Tokina 12-24mm f/4
Post-processing software:
Adobe Photoshop CS4.
Favorite lighting:
Cloudy days.
Favorite time to make photographs:
Afternoon for street, at sunset for landscape.
Favorite season to make photographs:
All year long for street, October / November for landscape.
Favorite photographer: Andrzej Dragan.
Favorite quote related to photography:
“Photography is all about catching the light…” – Unknown

Fady Nammour, street and landscape photographer

Why photography? What do you hope to achieve?
Why not? What I hope to achieve is to let people see things the way I see them in my head, and the only way I am able to do so, is by translating what I see and how I see it through pictures.

Which photograph do you consider gave you the most satisfaction so far? Why?

With every photo I post online my satisfaction builds up. It resides in all the shots I take. This photo is special because it was like a peak on the technical level, composition and luck with the colors in the sky, since I only believe in natural colors and not editing them on Photoshop.

What style attracts you most? Why?
Street photography and landscape. Street is about changing the perspective of everyday scenes into a photograph that will make the person, who is looking at the photo wonder. It allows 2 different persons looking at the same photograph to see a different story right there. Landscape is about capturing a moment that no one noticed, and you become the tool that transforms a real place that people pass by unnoticed every day, into surreal scenery.

How far do you go with post-processing?
I perform minimal post-processing. Small adjustments to colors and contrast and Black and White conversions when needed since I shoot in digital and not film.

What motivates you to grab the camera and go make a photograph?
I usually don’t like to repeat myself. I don’t like to make the same kind of photos. So I leave quite a period between every photoshoot to be motivated enough to actually grab my camera and go make a photograph. It’s only when I see a possibility of making new kind of photos.

Tell us about a weird thing you do or habit before a photoshoot:
I double check all my equipment, because I’d hate to miss a photo opportunity because I forgot something.

Describe your feelings during a photoshoot:
I usually go with no expectations and just try to make the best of where I am, if it works, then I’m happy, if not, there is always another day.

3 tips / advice to other photographers:

  1. Shoot a lot.
  2. Learn from everyone.
  3. Work on your technique.

How can we stay updated with your work?

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5 thoughts on “Meet a photographer: Fady Nammour

  1. Fady is indeed one of my favorite photographers. It is always exciting when he posts a link to a new photo and you don’t know what to expect. You open the link and wowwww!
    You feel the passion in Fady’s photos and the beauty and it’s a great privilege to see his work 🙂

  2. Those are all such beautiful photos. Thanks Rita for the close-up, I think few things could have made Fady talk as much 😛

    Keep up the beautiful work Fady, I really look forward to it.

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