Where is your breast?

When I was young, I used to sit on grand-ma’s (that’s what I used to call her) lap to play. I could feel the irregularity on her chest. On one side there was a bump, while the other was flat.

-Where is your breast, grand-ma?
-On top of the fridge, she replied.

6 years old high, I would stand on the tip of my toes trying to get a glimpse of the lost breast on top of the fridge.

-Rita, dear, come here, she said. She lit a cigarette and continued:”Take a puff and let it be your last”, breathing her oxygen. I did. It gave me coughing tears.

When she passed away, people told me she went on a trip.

I still remember you grand-ma and I thank you for what you did. You pushed the smoking experience away from me and this was your way of saving a little girl.

On March 24, 2011 Twestival Beirut is happening. Be there!

“This year, Beirut’s Twestival Local 2011 has chosen to support a very pressing cause: Cancer, and will do so by endorsing ‘Faire Face‘, a Lebanese NGO that has been taking significant strides in it’s fight against cancer.”

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