Splash of pink for the #TwestivalBeirut 2011

As an awesome act of solidarity against breast cancer, tweeps have decided to get a pink avatar and tweet about #twestivalbeirut. We are going to tweet, meet and give in an effort to get funds to Faire Face, a Lebanese NGO against breast cancer.

Some went really creative! Thank you to everyone who went pink for #TwestivalBeirut 2011!  See you there, in pink!

On another note: Did you go pink too? Send me your avatar and I will upload it! (In no particular order)



















@gabdallah (credit: @ghinak6)











@aymanitani (credit: @mayazankoul)



@ritakml (credit: @DanyAwad)







7 thoughts on “Splash of pink for the #TwestivalBeirut 2011

  1. Hi Rita … I met you at Tawleh during Twestival … you took a picture of me and my friend. I really love your blog and your PINK ideas! … Keep your ideas coming girl :-)!

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