My take on #TwestivalBeirut 2011

How was the Twestival you ask?

A W E S O M E !!!! A zero fault event!

Personally, since I joined the Twitter community, I attended Geekfests, Tweetups and Twestivals all with the same love and energy. But, I never took the mic before πŸ™‚

When I was asked to talk about my experience this year, I immediately said yes. But, deep inside, I was a bit confused. What do I say? What do I put on the slides? How many should I make? Will my message through clearly? Honestly, this whole thing gave me a few sleepless nights but I wanted to go through with it. What could be the worst that could happen? Get booed? πŸ˜›

I decided to make a word free presentation with strict minimum “shock” images, wear pink and “hit the stage”. I spoke like I was confessing a secret to my best friend. I let the honesty do the work for me and went with the flow. Cancer is not the easiest subject to tackle. It comes with a lot pain and fear in the background. I shared my experience from a healthy person’s perspective and how hard it was. (I barely can imagine how harder this must be for a woman with breast cancer undergoing chemotherapy)

All I kindly ask is: Remember. There is ALWAYS something that can be done, something that YOU can do with what you are already blessed with.

For those who listened, I hope the speech was good. If you feel there was something I could have done better, please do leave me a comment, I will really appreciate it!

Thank you again to every person who participated in theΒ Splash of pink for the #TwestivalBeirut 2011, I also mentioned you in my presentation and exposed your awesome pink avatars!

Getting ready to talk about how I got my head shaved!

Photo made by @BigHajjar

Thank you to @SanaTawileh, @Naeema, @migheille, @LucyHanna for pulling all the efforts to make a great event! Thank you for the Cooking Team for the great food as well! Thank you for a non-smoking event too!

This was one hell of an event 100% made by awesome people who came together through Twitter and made a community!

5 thoughts on “My take on #TwestivalBeirut 2011

  1. What an event is seems to have been!!! Wish I was with you. And I am sure you did great Rita. Bravo to you and everyone who participated πŸ™‚

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